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Data Warehouse Consulting

Unlock the full potential of your data with LAK Technology’s comprehensive data warehousing services. From thorough research and discovery to seamless implementation and ongoing support, we offer a complete spectrum of services tailored to extract maximum value from your data. Partner with us to harness the power of strategic data management for transformative business insights.


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Data warehouse strategy & implementation

Data Warehouse Research & Design:

Collaborate with our team to craft a robust data warehouse strategy tailored to your needs. We guide you in selecting the optimal data warehouse model and bring it to life through the creation of a prototype that aligns seamlessly with your objectives.

Data Warehouse Implementation:

Experience a complete cycle of Data Warehouse (DWH) development with us. From integrating data sources to achieving full automation of data processes, we ensure a seamless and efficient implementation that enhances your data management capabilities.

Data Warehouse Migration/Optimization:

Leverage the expertise of our professionals to migrate your DWH to the cloud, scale it up for optimal performance, and strategically optimize both costs and efficiency. Stay ahead with a cloud-powered and optimized data warehousing solution.

Data Warehouse Support:

Count on us for continuous support. Whether implementing minor adjustments, making changes covered by SLA, or providing comprehensive support for your Data Warehouse, we ensure the sustained performance and reliability of your data infrastructure.

Unlock the value of data warehouse consulting

Data Transformation Journey:

Embark on your data transformation journey with the guidance of our data warehouse consultancy specialists. We're here to support you at every step, ensuring a seamless and effective evolution of your data infrastructure.

Consolidate Data Access:

A meticulously designed and integrated Data Warehouse (DWH) guarantees governed and secure access to data throughout your organization. Experience enhanced data accessibility with our expertise.

Reduce Human Involvement:

Choosing the right DWH platform can save up to 60% of efforts in deployment, administration, and support. Streamline your operations and reduce manual intervention, allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Accelerate ROI:

Elevate the visibility of your processes and make informed business decisions based on clean and accurate data. Our consultancy aims to accelerate your Return on Investment (ROI) by enhancing overall data quality and usability.

Optimize Costs:

Our data warehouse consulting services extend to ongoing infrastructure and cloud spending optimization. Maximize cost efficiency while maintaining a high-performance data environment.

How Our Process Unfolds

At LAK Technology, we offer a comprehensive suite of data warehouse consulting services that encompass the entire ecosystem. Our approach involves four key phases:

Strategic Planning:

In the initial phase, we delve into your existing ecosystem, clarifying stakeholders’ visions and objectives. We conduct a thorough review of the environment and existing systems, assess current capabilities and scalability, and establish a robust risk management framework.

Discovery Phase:

Our Discovery Phase service serves as a crucial step to validate your idea, select a suitable tech stack, estimate ROI, and create a feasible prototype. This involves defining your business needs, analyzing existing reports and ML models, reviewing and documenting data sources and connectors, estimating project budgets, and conducting data quality and metric analyses. We then proceed to the logical design of data warehousing and ETL architecture, proposing multiple solutions, and ultimately building a prototype.


Based on your specific needs and chosen tech stack, our experts initiate the development phase. This encompasses the physical design of databases and schemas, integration of data sources, ETL routine development, data profiling, historical data loading into the data warehouse, implementation of data quality checks, data automation tuning, and achieving overall Data Warehouse stability.

Ongoing Support:

Our commitment doesn’t end with development. We assist in building a dedicated team for continuous support. This includes fixing issues within the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA), optimizing storage and processing costs, implementing small enhancements, providing system supervision, ensuring ongoing cost optimization, and offering dedicated product support for fault elimination.

Technologies We Embrace:

Explore our proficiency in various cloud providers to elevate your data warehousing experience. Our technology stack ensures the seamless integration of innovative solutions tailored to your unique requirements.



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