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LAK Technology AWS Expertise

Elevate your journey to the cloud with LAK Technology’s AWS Development Services. Our team is ready to assist you in harnessing the power of cutting-edge AWS technologies for maximum impact.


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Enhance Efficiency, Foster Innovation, and Optimize with AWS and LAK Technology

AWS stands as the global leader in cloud platforms, offering businesses unparalleled advantages such as exceptional performance, reliability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, as supported by IDC research.

At LAK Technology, we excel in leveraging the complete spectrum of AWS technologies to accelerate your goals efficiently. Count on us to provide unwavering support at every step of your cloud development journey.

25% Lower Annual Infrastructure Cost
70% Less outages than competitors
45% Increase in IT Infrastructure efficiency
Over 70% Faster deployment

Our AWS Consulting Expertise

Strategic Development Assessment:

Ensure your cloud strategy aligns seamlessly with business goals, guaranteeing timely and budget-compliant achievements.

AWS Migration Services:

Efficiently migrate your workloads to AWS, optimizing operations, cutting costs, improving customer experience, and fostering business growth.

AWS Well-Architected Review:

Conduct a comprehensive audit of your current cloud infrastructure to align with industry best practices, extracting maximum value from AWS services.

Data, Analytics, and AI Integration:

Elevate your analytical and decision-making capabilities with AWS's cutting-edge Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning services.

Cloud Operations and Security:

Streamline cloud operations with infrastructure automation, CI/CD optimization, and DevOps methodologies, ensuring robust protection against vulnerabilities.

Cloud-Native Architecture Design:

Leverage cloud infrastructure advantages through serverless, microservices-based, and other tailored solutions.

Cost Optimization Strategies:

Identify opportunities for enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness across your cloud infrastructure and managed AWS services.

DevOps Maturity Assessment:

Evaluate culture, automation, collaboration, release processes, and other dimensions to pinpoint strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement in your AWS DevOps processes.

Comprehensive AWS Development Solutions by LAK Technology

At LAK Technology, we bring extensive proficiency to AWS development services, leveraging a diverse array of AWS tools and technologies. Our mission is to assist clients in crafting effective solutions to conquer challenges and achieve their business objectives.

1. Scalable Web Applications:

Build and manage scalable web applications featuring flexible compute capacity, database scaling, content delivery, high performance, and availability.

Technologies: EC2, ELB, ECS, EKS, ECR, EBS, Elastic Beanstalk, Fargate, S3, Route53, Cloudfront, Global accelerator, VMWare Cloud on AWS, RDS, Aurora, Redshift, DocumentDB, DynamoDB, ElastiCache, MemoryDB for Redis, Keyspaces, Neptune, Timestream, QLDB.
2. Serverless, Dynamically Scaling, and Cost-Optimized Workloads:

Enable your workloads to automatically scale based on demand, reducing operational overhead and optimizing costs.

Technologies: AWS Lambda, Step Functions, Aurora Serverless, SQS, SNS, Fargate, EventBridge, API Gateway, AppSync, S3, EFS, Aurora Serverless, DynamoDB, Redshift Serverless, OpenSearch Serverless.
3. Powerful Big Data Solutions:

Extract valuable insights from large datasets to enable informed decision-making and innovation.

Technologies: Athena, EMR, Redshift, OpenSearch, QuickSight, Glue, MSK, AWS Entity Resolution, Kinesis Data Streams, Kinesis Data Firehose, Kinesis Video Streams, Lake Formation, S3, S3 Glacier, Backup, Datazone.
4. Archive, Backup, and Restore:

Utilize AWS tools to ensure data durability, availability, and efficient data management.

Technologies: S3, S3 Glacier, Storage Gateway, EBS, EFS, AWS Backup.
5. Secure and Compliant Cloud Solutions:

Build and maintain secure and compliant cloud solutions with encryption, identity and access management, and audit and compliance services.

Technologies: Audit Manager, GuardDuty, Artifact, CloudTrail, Security Hub, Config, Firewall Manager, IAM, Macie, Chatbot, Detective, Trusted Advisor, Security Lake, KMS, CloudHSM, Certificate Manager, WAF, Shield, Systems Manager.
6. Go Globally:

Deploy applications and services worldwide, ensuring low latency, high availability, and scalability for a global audience.

Technologies: Route53, CloudFront, Global Accelerator, Lambda@Edge, VPC, ELB, DirectConnect, Aurora Global Database, RDS Proxy, DAX.
7. Monitor Workloads:

Enable real-time visibility, alerting, and performance optimization for a wide range of applications and infrastructure.

Technologies: Cloudwatch, Cloudtrail, Amazon Managed Service for Grafana, Amazon OpenSearch, Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus, AWS Distro for Opentelemetry, AWS X-Ray.
8. Machine Learning and AI:

Obtain data-driven insights and achieve automation with advanced AI and ML features for model development, data storage, image and video analysis, text-to-speech transformation, etc.

Technologies: Augmented AI, Bedrock, Comprehend, Comprehend Medical, DevOps Guru, Forecast, Fraud Detector, HealthImaging, HealthLake, HealthOmics, Kendra, Lex, Personalize, Polly, Rekognition, SageMaker, Textract, Transcribe, Translate.
9. User and Permissions Management:

Efficiently control and administer access, permissions, and security for your AWS resources and services, ensuring a secure and compliant environment.

Technologies: IAM, IAM Identity Center, Cognito, Amazon Verified Permissions, Directory Service.